Steamery Clothing & Shoe Mist

  • €19,00

It's never been easier to take care of your clothes and we love this Clothing & Shoe Mist from Steamery Stockholm which features: 

  • 100ml clothing and shoe spray 
  • Discreetly scented with bergamot and oak
  • Refreshes textiles, knits, outerwear, shoes, bags etc 
  • Removes and prevents unwanted odors 
  • Gentle to sensitive textiles, like wool and cashmere
  • Less washing means smaller carbon footprint
  • Saves water and reduces textile wear-and-tear
  • Travel lighter and smarter with fewer items to pack
  • Probably your best travel companion ever (carry-on size)

A great way to keep your clothes smelling beautiful in between washes, shop the Steamery  Stockholm collection online now.

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